Recently, Auctorilaw™, a content management system designed to automate law firm search engine marketing, released a convenient new enhancement on the CMS. The new-fangled features work in confluence with the social media site, Twitter. This fully customizable function enables law firms to embed their Tweets directly onto the law firm’s Web site. Nonetheless, this is only one feature, which reflects the convenience of the content management system, AuctoriLaw™.

As for the law firm, requiring a legal content management system that streamlines and complements internal communications and new Web site updates, use the following questions to determine if AuctoriLaw™ will complement your law firm’s marketing and internal operational specifications:

  • Need a document management process that does not require a lot of brain bandwidth?
  • Want a fuss-free archival system for legal documents and agreement, but not have to do very little heavy lifting?
  • Need to keep the legal team busy, adding new content for the partners of your law firm to access anywhere for approval?
  • Does your law firm require a secure legal content management system with built in permission based workflow functionality?
  • Looking for a complete web design, enabling the support staff to do-it-yourself, internally? Auctorilaw assures internal autonomy.
  • Need a content management that’s compatible with all platforms (laptop, PC, smartphones, etc.)  With Auctorilaw, all of your site visitors or team members who visit or engage in your Web site, have an accommodative experienced attuned to their software platform.
  • Does your practice require remote content management access?
  • Want to make content updates as well as the capability to drag and drop  media without having to contact the web design company?
  • Require legal content management system that automates updating attorney and partner biographies?
  • Does your law firm require a content management system that not only simplifies making site updates—but also complements the technical aspects of your law firm’s marketing initiatives?

If you answered yes to two or more of the aforementioned questions, come test drive the power and convenience of AuctoriLaw™

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