Auctori:law specializes in the development of content management systems customized for attorneys at law.  In this installment, we have compiled several facts about how Internet marketing and content management systems work in conjunction with each other:

1.    Based on market research conducted by Reuter’s News Services, every month, more than nine million searches, pertaining to legal services are queried on the Internet.

2.    Content management systems are virtually the vehicle of Internet marketing. Designed using specific key words and other search engine optimization characteristics, CMSs leverage online visibility.

3.    Since more than 50 percent of the sites on the Internet have a page ranking of zero to two, Internet marketing starts with researching which keywords reflect an attorney’s special areas of discipline.

4.    Web sites are often misconstrued as a form of Internet marketing. Essentially, a legal Web site is only small facet of the Internet marketing component.

5.    In order to outperform the competition, keyword research is the foundation of search engine marketing. Analyzing your firm’s keywords helps identify which terms and phrases your prospective clients use to query on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to find legal services.

6.    Competitive research starts with researching other attorney’s at law offices to determine how to improve a site’s visibility or exposure to other firms, who offer the same services.

7.    Content management systems are easy to organize according to a law practice’s specific areas of expertise.

8.    The prospective legal client equates an attorney at law’s practice based on their site’s current news, law bulletin and industry specific information.

9.    However, content management systems represent the real juice behind search engine marketing and a vital component of the Internet market strategy


10.    As you can see in the above example photo, The Stolar Partnership’s law firm’s content management system is organized highlighting an extensive roster of topics and categories.

Learn more about using a content management system to market your practice on the worldwide Web.

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