By: Elizabeth Liebel

Auctori® Goes Global

2010 was a monumental year for Auctori.  Over the last 12 months, the product has flourished into a global, web CMS with a built-in web marketing component, while expanding its multi-lingual capabilities.  Auctori’s Legal Content Management System, Auctori:law has become exceptionally successful in a competitive market; and Auctori’s city-centric Content Management System grew to become equipped for governments.

January 2010:

  • The design team behind Auctori, The Net Impact, teams with The Karla Smith Foundation and BringChange2Mind to redesign website.

February 2010:

  • Auctori creator, Unidev, celebrates 20 years as an industry leader.

March 2010:

  • Auctori creator, Unidev, announces Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner Status.

April 2010:

  • Auctori:law™ gains momentum through new clients.

May 2010:

  • Auctori team showcases Auctori:law at the Association of Legal Marketing Annual Education Conference and Exposition in Boston.
  • Auctori team builds several dynamic multilingual websites with unicode elements for KMT Waterjet.
    • KMT Poland Waterjet, European English Waterjet, Spanish (Spain) Waterjet, French Waterjet, German Waterjet, Italian Waterjet, Mexico Waterjet, English site for Aqua-Dyne, English site for McCartney, Swedish Waterjet, Brazil Waterjet and Chinese Waterjet.

June 2010:

  • Auctori team launches city-centric content management system: Auctori:city.

July 2010:

  • Demand for municipality websites built in Auctori:city skyrockets.

August 2010:

  • Auctori:law article appears in The Lawyerist magazine.

September 2010:

  • Auctori team exhibits Auctori:city™ at National Association of Government Webmasters Conference.
  • The City of Wentzville’s website built it Auctori was recognized as a top city government site in the state of Missouri.
  • Design team behind Auctori takes home 6 Targeted Advertising and Marketing Awards.
  • Launch of Bausch + Lomb Storzeye Europe.

October 2010:

  • Auctori named as one of the Top 50 Powerful Content Management Systems.
  • Auctori named a Business Leader of America.

November 2010:

  • Auctori team expands Auctori:city’s capabilities to become equipped for government websites under the name Auctori:gov™.
  • Auctori:law article appears in Chicago Lawyer Magazine.
  • Bausch + Lomb E-Commerce site built in Auctori Launches.
  • Auctori team announces Global Partnership Program.

December 2010:

  • Auctori team members join World Trade Center Organization.
  • Auctori team member joins the Association for Corporate Growth – the leading global association for professionals involved in corporate growth.
  • Auctori Launches Spanish, German, and Chinese pages on homepage.

To learn more about Auctori’s multilingual capabilities, visit www.

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