Is your law firm’s Web site a hindrance to your marketing strategy?

Before the Internet made its marketing debut, acquisitioning new legal clients was inscrutable. Between the print ads, law bulletins and slapdash TV commercials, the advertising budget was immeasurably, astronomical. Fortunately, search engine marketing is merely scientific. Web site presentations are not the end-all be all for client acquisition

Four answers determine the efficacy of a practice’s online presence:

1)    Has your site been designed or re-designed within the last two years?
2)    Does your law firm use a content management system (CMS) to update information, news and legal scores on a regular basis?
3)    Is your firm using a content management system in conjunction with your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy?
4)    Does your law firm’s site convert at least 10 percent of its traffic?

If you answered yes to all four questions, your law firm’s online presence is solid. However, just one “no” response indicates that your firm’s marketing communiqué maybe in need of repair. A misaligned Web site is counterproductive to generating new clients.

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