In the olden days, Web sites designed for attorneys were ill equipped to serve as marketing tools. After a practice’s site went live, the process of search engine marketing and publicity was the next arduous hurdle.   Nowadays, content management systems execute four indispensable tasks.

Showcase expertise.
There’s no better method for demonstrating a firm’s case management then with a customized content management system (CMS). Every time your practice wins a new case or lands a high profile client, your site doubles as your own publicity vehicle.

Expedite modifications. Legal marketing research suggests that content management systems streamline the process of modifying and updating time-sensitive information, without the programming requirements associated with other site designs. More importantly, content management systems are as simple to use as a Microsoft® Office document.

Publish events and case reports in real time.
Just as Associated Press publishes breaking news, a content management system allows firms to disseminate information without any downtime, setbacks or interrupting workflow.

Law firm content management fact:
Prestigious law firms use CMS to post event announcements, index resources and categorized legal information.

Generate new clients.
Each time information is updated on your practice’s Web site, major search engines (i.e., Google, Bing and Ask) index that information. Adding new content innately enhances your site’ exposure to new clients – thus lead generation.

In the interim, use the aforementioned incentives to obtain a complimentary consultation for a CMS Web site for your law firm.

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