By: Elizabeth Liebel

Enabling payments of any kind to be made through a school’s website increases opportunities for fundraising and promptness of payments.

CNN recently stated: “2011 will be a gold rush on the next mobile E-Commerce frontier.” This year, it is imperative that school websites are mobile ready and an E-Commerce component is implemented. Creating a website in Auctori:gov will allow your school to receive prompt payments and donations by PC or mobile phone any time of the day. Implementing an E-Commerce component into websites allows schools to:

1. Accept Payments for School Merchandise, Lunch, Club Dues, etc.
The process of sending invoices and receiving payments becomes more efficient as all can be sent and paid online.

2. Accept Donations Online from Parents and Alumni
Alumni and parents have the ability to make donations online rather than sending payments through mail. Auctori:gov’s multilingual capabilities allow for translations into different languages which will allow students with multilingual families to view the site in their native language.

3. Host Fundraisers Online
Hosting a fundraiser online allows your school to collect funds from donors across the globe and from those who are unable to contribute at school events.

4. Camp Registration
Rather than receiving hand-written checks for summer camp, schools can give parents/guardians the opportunity to register their child online. By using Auctori:gov’s form builder, website administrators can easily create registration forms.

5. Event Ticket Sales
Creating an online ticketing platform within a school’s website gives attendees an opportunity to purchase their tickets ahead of time.

For more information on creating a mobile-ready E-Commerce website for your school, visit

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