Is there a Web site program that allows a law firm to modify its site’s design?

Yes, Auctori™ is a complete web solution. The content management system (CMS) enables end-users to amend the Web site at anytime or anywhere. From updates, edits, and deletions, Auctori expedites modifications.

Is any content management system (CMS) designed with search engine capabilities?

Yes, Auctori is a Web content management system built for search engine optimization (SEO). 

How is it that Auctori is search engine compatible?

Auctori is not only search engine compatible, but engineered with built-in search engine optimization. Which means that Auctori provides an arsenal of features, designed to ensure a site’s visibility and exposure to major  search engines and other directories.  From a site’s navigational structure, keywords and descriptions, Auctori innately optimizes a site’s accessibility for Google, Bing, Ask and other major search engine sites. 

Which is more cost effective: Auctori or outsourcing the regular maintenance to a SEO Web design company?

Auctori is ideal for the organization that needs to make frequent Web site updates without incurring the expense and time involved in notifying the Web design company for day-to-day maintenance requirements.

What are Auctori’s capabilities?

Auctori is comprised of five basic core modules, which include navigation, content pages, images, form building, as well as reusable media (images, video and text-based content). 

Does Auctori have any customizable features?

Unlike the limitations of certain content management systems (CMS), Auctori was developed by the St. Louis web design company to accommodate your design specifications. Simply submit your request, and The Net Impact will develop a module to suit your web design needs.

What tasks does Auctori perform to ensure that Web sites are conducive for search engine exposure? The content management system administers an agenda of SEO programmable functions. Starting with a site’s navigation, Auctori glamorizes a web design’s structure to attract search engines.

To enable that search engine’s visibility and site traffic access, Auctori compiles all the information of a site, highlighting it in an SEO appropriate structure. Based on a law firm’s unique marketing niche, Auctori optimizes the details (title, keywords, and descriptions) to assure your site is on the roadmap for search engine traffic.

Where can I learn more about Auctori?

To learn more about the power of Auctori and marketing your law firm, dial 888.629.4672 or click on legal CMS.

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