By: Elizabeth Liebel

St. Louis based translation service AAA Translation® and the team behind Unified Development’s Auctori® product, announce their partnership to join forces to broaden access to high caliber interpretation and translation services to businesses both nationally and globally.

Susanne Evens, Founder and Owner of AAA Translation, and Steve Thomas, Vice President of the Auctori Project, jointly announced the collaboration in January of 2011.

This new partnership combines the forces of two global companies to broaden access to businesses both locally and around the world to a wider set of spoken languages. Through this partnership, AAA Translation will assist Unidev in providing reliable translation services to their global Auctori client base.

“We are currently engaged with business projects in Germany, Japan, Asia Pacific, United Kingdom, and South America. Unidev’s global perspective has remained a priority in our business model over the years. Our partnership with AAA Translation will allow us to maintain our advantage in the global marketplace,” said Steve Thomas, Vice President of the Auctori Project.

According to AAA Translation’s Susanne Evens, “In order to compete on the international level, companies that want to operate across the world must deepen their knowledge and expertise in order to go global with their marketing and communication efforts. By partnering with Unidev, our company’s experience and understanding of languages and international cultural ‘best practices’ will help Unidev and their Auctori clients reach their target markets in different countries.”

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