keyboardWeb content management systems allow users to build websites and maintain them with little to no development knowledge. When researching web CMS platforms, however, sometimes it can be difficult to understand the differences between them unless you DO understand coding and the development process. One framework available to developers is the .NET (Dot NET) framework built by Microsoft. There are many web application frameworks built on .NET which can be used to build websites. ASP.NET is one of these web application frameworks and happens to be quite popular amongst web content management systems.

ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages. In the past, there was a need for dynamic websites that could be quickly developed and ASP.NET was a solution created to address this problem. Many web CMS developers utilize the code for that fact. It simplifies updates and keeps platforms current to trends and customer needs. Here is a list of additional benefits when using the ASP.NET platform:

1)      Allows different development languages making coding simpler for a broader range of developers to implement and reducing the work and time going into it.

2)      ASP.NET is based on a powerful server side scripting technology, which means custom HTML is processed on a web server before being delivered to a user over the Internet.

3)      Pages are compiled and cached allowing frequently accessed web pages to pull quickly from the server.

4)      The web application framework is safe and secure when used with native Windows security and has the ability to trust other authenticated users.

5)      As a Microsoft product, it is integrated into Visual Studio allowing for robust design capabilities including WYSIWYG.

6)      Provides tools to easily create custom controls and data-driven visual elements.

ASP.NET is an easy framework to use and provides developers with flexibility which can make customization possible to keep consumers happy. Doing your research before choosing a web content management system can be difficult, but hopefully this information clears up what some of the tech jargon is trying to convey.

Auctori is one web CMS that utilizes ASP.NET which provides an easy mechanism to customize your website. Contact Auctori to find out more about ASP.NET and how Auctori customers benefit from the enhanced capabilities it provides.

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