Finally, a legal content management system built to align the law firm’s marketing strategy for prospective client exposure and retention. Law Firm evaluated the AuctoriLaw legal content management system for features complementary to bolstering the Internet marketing agenda. The proceeding bullet points highlight how the AuctoriLaw legal CMS concurs with the legal marketing agenda:

Fiscally effectual. Rather than depend on cold, cold leads, generated by a third party, AuctoriLaw legal content management system enables any-sized law firm to harvest their own targeted leads. The lead generation module is an award winning module.  When one compares the cost-savings of  a  new website design with built –in lead generation, the return of investment is infinite.

Instantaneous. Auctorial Law is not only built for any sized attorney’s office, but comprised of intricate web applications, enabling automated search engine optimization. Each time the legal content management system receives a new injection of media content, the update is funneled to RSS feeds. This means the regular posts to the law firm’s bulletin, blog or whatever media forum assures immediate exposure.

 All inclusive. AuctoriLaw incorporates all aspects of Web marketing. With a built in search engine optimization (SEO), synchronized social media networks and robust lead generation, the Auctori legal content management systems entwines all the online law firm marketing components to fast forward exposure to new business opportunities.

Unlike other web applications and legal content management systems, with limited functionality, rigorous training requirements and programming counterproductive to the Internet market objectives, AuctoriLaw  works in alignment with a law firm’s benchmarks.

Please click on legal CMS, read more about how AuctoriLaw aligns the law firm marketing strategy for maximum exposure.

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