The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are upon us! London will be attracting people from all over the world. With international appeal, what better time than now to allow your business to advance.  A worldwide event means a chance to expand your market, while being prepared for happenings which may interfere with business efficiency. This includes bandwidth congestion, spam and fraud.

Whether or not you live in England, the global attention of the Summer Olympics allows an opportunity to prepare your company for a larger and more cultural audience.  If you manage your company website, keep in mind visitors from all over the world will browse the web during this time particularly in regards to the Olympics.  Having a website that offers multilingual translations is one way to open your services to this larger audience. Expressing support for the games is also a way to draw individuals into your site since they will be sharing the similar interest.

Local businesses can get involved with the Olympic community through special promotions to keep their businesses noticed throughout the long weeks of the Olympic Games. Take Cisco for example.  According to “IT industry set to take centre stage during London Olympics” article, not only is Cisco the main provider for Wi-Fi, security, email  and a number of other things, but they have a 10 question test on their website to check if your business is in shape for the London Games. It includes questions on employee absences, shipping routes and system security.  At the end of the test, the participants will receive the option to download a Games Readiness Checklist.  I would strongly advise companies to use this as a tool to stay on track of their website planning. Companies looking for a Many Lingual website that is easy to update on your own can utilize Auctori. Auctori  is a web content management system developed by Unidev, which is currently translated but not limited to Spanish, German and Chinese on this framework.

Samsung and Visa are also taking the opportunity to place themselves in front of the Olympic spectators. According to, these Olympic sponsors have created wireless payment systems. These systems will be stationed throughout the grounds allowing athletes and their fans to make quick purchases. Other technology companies that have partnered with the London Olympics are Asos, BT, Acer and Panasonic.

Local London businesses may have more face time with customers, but taking the opportunity to utilize an international event can only bring positive business via the web.  There are multiple ways your businesses can get involved this year.  Still not sure how? For more information on how to get involved and anything else you might want to know about the games, visit London Olympics homepage.


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