Excerpt: Is it better to hire a legal Internet marketing firm or automate the process with a content management system?

It used to be that the only catalyst for acquiring new business was to hire a legal Internet marketing firm to publish and promote services. Since the economy’s shattering downturn, law firms of all sizes learned how to operate with less. But, what many are incognizant of — is how the Auctori™ content management system empowers advanced operational efficiency with significantly more cost-savings.

Here’s how:

Exhibit A:

Auctori content management systems are designed, customized and optimized to accommodate a law firm’s exacting communication requirements. Rather then investing the time and operational costs to interact with a legal Internet marketing firm, Auctori leverages inter-departmental autonomy.

Exhibit B:

As Auctori™ doubles as the office internal task liaison, the content management system simplifies site updates. With a tailor-fit content management system designed to expose your Web site to targeted traffic, your law firm does not depend on a legal Internet marketing firm to be the driver of new business.

Auctori enables time and money savings:

–    Expedient resolution for internal tasks and queries
–    Site updates made simply lightening fast
–   Automated Internet marketing with built-in SEO

Exhibit C:

With Auctori™ expediting internal communications and optimizing a law firm’s search engine exposure, the cost savings is significant:

–    Maximized internal productivity
–    No need to employ a legal Internet marketing firm
–    Targeted traffic with higher conversion rates

Review additional evidence about Auctori, content management systems cost-saving benefits.

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