By: Elizabeth Liebel

Cloud computing has gained serious momentum throughout the last year, as it delivers services to aid in the efficiency of business processes.

Global cloud computing service, Auctori CMS, exceeds that of other SaaS providers available today.  A technical partner for businesses, Auctori has bridged the gap between dynamic websites and internal service tools.

Auctori allows companies to add, edit, and delete information on their website while adding, editing, and deleting internal documents – all on the same platform.  Auctori completely eliminates the need for multiple service tools.

Currently, many businesses use mobile applications that offer business solutions to help organize their daily tasks but in order to efficiently run and organize a business this way, multiple apps must be used. Auctori combines multiple services and can be accessed by a mobile device anywhere in the world.

Why is it different?
Auctori is a safe haven for all internal documents.  Information in this cloud is protected and backed up around the clock. The documents within Auctori are secure, unlike information on open source sites which can be easily hacked, stolen, modified, and even deleted.

Not only does Auctori allow employees to work in the same space, it allows the site administrator to control who has access to the site and how much access each particular employee is granted.  All users with access to the site are not necessarily given permission to access the site in its entirety; another feature of Auctori’s security benefits.

Businessweek recently stated that 87% of consumers with computer and Internet access use at least one cloud-based service.  As companies grow, it becomes more imperative that they have a single, safe service to store all of their information on.

Tom Lounbios, writer of the Cloud Corner Blog states, “The growth in cloud capacity in 2010 has been startling, even to us that have been watching closely.  It’s a clear barometer that cloud computing is primed for takeoff in the Enterprise in 2011.”

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