Our site was exceedingly outdated. It had been seven years since we had set eyes on our law firm’s Web site. We knew it was riddled with design flaws. Remedially, developed from a Front-page template, we never ventured to our law firms Web site. It was out of fear of what glaring architectural, font, and image errors, loomed there. Although we had a steady caseload of clients, we knew we could do better. Companies, SEO consultants and other web design types across the country approached us for the reconstruction job. But, we declined.

It was not until, the partner of our law firm was conversing with his mother and the Web site topic surfaced. The conversation was like an intervention. His mother lectured about the error messages and how any upstanding group of attorneys would publish a site that resembled a Chinese take out chalkboard. Some of our clients even begin to offer their friends Web design consulting services.

Although it was quite apparent that our law firm’s site was in dire need of a major reconstruction, we wanted a new design that would allow us to market our site and make updates dependent of a Web design company,

Based on our budget, law firm marketing and autonomy requirements, our office manager searched for months investigating different  law firm content management systems (CMS). It was not until I ran into a colleague, who I graduated from law school, who informed me that Auctori™ was the turnkey solution for:

  • Law firm marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Making regular site updates

Not only did the CMS come loaded with easy features, it was at the right price.


…to be continued.


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