In Part I of the “Confessions of a Reformed Auctori CMS user,” a former colleague helped me realize that Auctori was our law firm’s marketing and web design solution. But, I still had five partners to convince.

On the first Monday of each month, the partners of our firm would gather  to review a list of important topics.

When I presented the content management system to my partners, it was the typical response. Everyone chimed in about someone they knew, who designed Web sites.  And then, the conversation turned to a remedial understanding about law firm Internet marketing.

Since, I had done my homework, I knew that the CMS with built in SEO was the only viable option for our practice.


After everyone shared their two-bit Web design knowledge, I stood up and asserted,

“So, we concur that Auctori…”

In unison, the other five partners quibbled, “Auctori?”

“We need a systemized web design that eases updates, automatically archives content and solves our search engine optimization requirements for marketing.” I countered.

All of a sudden, I felt like I was presenting the closing argument about why some CMS was an intuitively, designed law firm content management system that was going to maximize lead generation and enhance our attorney’s office exposure.

My recommendations were met with cynicism. Since, I was responsible for our law firm purchasing an $80,000 super duper document printer that the renewable parts were no longer manufactured or even repairable, my credibility remained in question.

Confidently, I persisted “We need a system that saves us money and exposes our site to prospective new clients.”

The room went quiet. I had everyone’s attention.

As I tried to roll back in my chair to stand, I lost my footing. I made a brief fall onto the conference floor.

Like a buoy, I bounced back on my feet and continued,  “Auctori has this feature called ‘built in SEO.” It works as our own law firm marketing engine, exposing our firm’s site to our target market.”

“But what does that have to do with our site’s design?” asked the partner who was clearly listening to 25 percent of the conversation.

Annoyed, I answered, “After our site is designed, regular updated information keeps our site in the search engine limelight.”

How does this so efficient if we’re constantly calling the web designer?

“We administer all of our updates. Which means that we don’t have retain the Web design company’s services. Moreover, if we need help, they are always available to solve or tend to any issues.”

Without a trace of sarcasm, the operations manager responded, “Just like the super duper copier?”

Everyone in the room (except for me) chuckled.

As my faced turned various shades of crimson, I tossed the stapled packets of the law firm CMS case studies to the other 7 people.  Before, everyone had a chance to review the handouts, I asserted,

“We need a CMS with SEO. We need Auctori!”

So overcome by the power of my words, I jerked the table, bringing down an unsecured coffee carafe all over the law firm case studies.

To be continued. 

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