Content management systems are at the forefront of confusing controversy. While some consider CMSs to be limited in functionality, Auctori™ warrants the simplicity that CMS were originally engineered to manage. Review the following list of myths and frequently asked questions about content management systems.

Myth: Few Web sites are suitable for content management systems (CMSs).

Content management systems (i.e., Auctori™) are archetypal of Web sites requiring regular publishing updates. Which means that just about any organization, needing to make frequent site changes, is suitable for a CMS. Breaking news, product updates and events exemplify the forms of information, calling for frequent site modifications.


Are content management systems limited to text updates only?

From text, photos, video, and audio files, CMSs like Auctori simplify making site adjustments, presenting flexible, user-friendly functionality.


Myth: Content management systems do not offer complete autonomy.

On the contrary, content management systems, such as Auctori in particular, provide companies the autonomy to update Web sites, anytime and anywhere.


Content managements systems are incompatible with search engine optimization?

 Although certain CMSs may have programming problems with SEO, Auctori ™ was developed with built in search engine optimization.


Do content management systems necessitate a rigorous learning curb?

Using the same point and click functionality associated with Microsoft Word, Auctori’s content management system is tantamount to Internet marketing made simple.


Content management systems lack the functional features to integrate with social media Web sites?

Since Auctori is designed to work in accordance with almost any Web site, it is highly compatible with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In the prototype (below), Twitter’s icon denotes that the two Web pages work in conjunction with each other. In other words, each time The Net Impact adds new content to their site; the Twitter page receives a notification.

The Net Impact Twitter Icon

Myth: Content management systems are inappropriate for law firm Web sites.

Conversely, content management systems, such as Auctori are specifically superlative for the thriving law firm that is juggling the caseload, but trying to assure new business opportunities via marketing online.

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