Two months ago, our web site was updated with a new content management system. In the beginning, I was so in love with our CMS that I did not let anyone learn how to use the web applications system. With the expansion of our law firm, I have to oversea the contractors and do manage the our offices operation. As a result, I’ve decided to share the responsibility of updating our site among three different administrators.

Since, I would like to give each contributor key content writing guidelines, can you provide any writing tips that will bolster or law firm’s search engine optimization and add highlight content ideas for our news center / blog?

Developing a strategic content management schedule and agenda for your law firm’s CMS assures the best return on your Internet marketing plan investment. Moreover, developing a strategy today, alleviates the chances of mismanaging your site’s search engine optimization marketing strategy.

Share the proceeding checklist with your blog’s contributors:

  • Create a list of web pages, specific to your law firm’s offerings?
  • Brainstorm a content strategy around the attorney’s of  your practice’s primary services.
  • If your law firm has a high ratio of litigation wins, consider adding a legal score board to your site.
  • Remember to refresh lawyer bios, reflecting recent cases and memberships.
  • Add a reference library or overview of legal terms.
  • Set word count entry limitations. For instance, 250 to 400 words per CMS post is adequate.
  • To nurture site loyalty add an interactive advice column.
  • Include new legislations or controversial bytes about current news, pertaining to the law.
  • Improve search engine exposure, by showing contributors how to link keywords, pertaining to your law firm’s legal services.
  • Remember to nourish the content management system with regular updates.

Read more about CMS management.

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