As for law firm marketing and streamlining productivity, attorneys prefer Auctori™.  Released towards the end of 2009, Auctori is a turnkey legal content management system, engineered specifically for the development of law firm Web sites. The premier content management system provides law firms with a plethora of distinctive benefits, which include:

Automated Executive Biography Module – Adding educational, legal associations and achievement information is instantaneous. With Auctori’s built-in executive biography module, updates are a matter of a few cuts, pastes, and clicks.


News and Article Feeds – With the Auctori ™ content management system, a law-firm’s Web site doubles as a syndicated law bulletin and as pillar of the specific legal marketplace. Each time legal, litigation cases, and other information receives an update, Auctori disseminates the information to specified RSS feeds, media outlets and search engines.


Easy 1-2-3 Automated Updates – Team members no longer need to wait for final draft approvals. With Auctori, administrators post drafts, for attorney and partners approval. Moreover, Auctori allows for amendments to be made anytime, anywhere.


Built In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – With the built in search engine optimization, there’s no need to pay a SEO Company, Auctori does it for you. That means each time you add any of the following content, the CMS does the cumbersome lifting:

  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Photos
  • Video

Dynamic Form Generation – Auctori eliminates the Web site traffic, guesswork. There’s no need to fill in the blanks when Auctori dynamic forms module generates forms expediently:

  • Creates custom forms
  • Gathers market research information
  • Answer queries and consumer requests
  • Post and publish polls

Read more about dynamic form generation.

Meanwhile, it’s one thing to read about several user-friendly features and it’s another to actually test-drive them for yourself. Schedule an Auctori content management system (CMS) demo.

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