Content management systems (CMS) are a necessity for any thriving law office. For most practices, classified legal documents are forever influx. The constant trafficking of paper accounts for overwhelming downtime, hindering workflow efficiency. Although most departments may concur with the obvious need for a content management system, there are several considerations and custom features to assess. Use the following outline to develop a checklist of CMS features:

•    Considering your staff and various departments, how many employees would currently benefit from a streamlined workflow process? Content management systems can reduce a minimum of 15 to 20 percent of the counterproductive time spent tracking files, dockets and other case sensitive documents.

•    Quantify the cost.  Costs vary according to features and security needs. Are the timesaving features worth the upfront integration expenditures?


•    Based on the budget, ideally, how much return on investment is important to your organization’s bottom line?

•    Would a content management system eliminate a salary or two?

•    Delineate which technical features are critical to your firm’s operations. For example, consider your firm’s security and remote access needs.
•    Do certain attorneys or administrators have unique functionality requirements? Distinguish the differences.

In the next installment, Law Firm CMS will highlight which questions to ask to customize a dynamic content management to your practice’s discerning specifications.

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