Is your content management system really effective? Is it detracting from your organization’s search engine marketing strategy?  Besides simplifying publishing your company’s news and achievements,which accolades does your CMS present to ease:

  • Productivity
  • Workflow and  permissions
  • Online exposure
  • Search engine optimization

Unlike the freebie content management system, riddled with search engine optimization glitches or programming features that are counter productive for attaining an online presence, bound to nurture new business opportunities, Auctori is customized and engineered to work in accordance with any entity’s Internet marketing objectives.:

Review the following questions to ascertain whether your content management compares to Auctori.

  • Easy-to-follow navigational structure
  • Hassle-free dynamic Image Editing
  • Simple do-it-yourself training with interactive prompts and tips
  • No fuss web application upgrades
  • Dynamic Form Generation
  • Exacting add-ons and options to concur with your Internet marketing strategy
  • Mobile formats to simplify access to your site’s  home page and featured sections
  • SEO Friendly URLs

If your content management system only covers 50 percent of the aforementioned features, then your law firm is misappropriating the search engine optimization budget and a return on investment, yielding new business opportunities and online exposure.

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