By: Samantha Seligsohn

Locating documents on your computer can be a real time-waster but this year keeping your documents organized will be the last of your worries.  It’s important to implement a content management system (CMS) so you can take advantage of the elements it offers to its full potential.  A CMS is design to control access to data, assist in storage, reduce duplicate content, and improve communication between users.

It’s important to have a CMS that allows businesses to easily organize countless documents.  Here are a few tips to consider when using a document library.

Follow a specific naming convention.  Divide your documents into folders for customers, co-workers and personal. Give each folder a name to identify what the folders are related to so finding documents can be less of a hassle.

Be descriptive.  Describe exactly what the document is about.  For example, if you have a presentation document for The Big Shoe Co. your description would say The Big Shoe Co. PowerPoint presentation on social media.

Separate completed work. Some people prefer to store their current work on their desktop and move the file to a folder once the task is completed. Others tend to keep all of their documents in one spot, which can lead to confusion. Make it easy for yourself and separate your work.

Organize files by dates. Incorporating a date into the file name can help you determine which files are the most recent without having to open the file and read through the content.  It saves you some time so you aren’t scrambling to find the right document.

The Auctori Content Management System consolidates all of your documents into a centralized location allowing for easy access and sharing opportunities.  This CMS stores all of its documents in one location. Instead of emailing the documents to your co-workers, they can simply login to Auctori and find the documents they need.

The document library module makes finding new or old documents easy.  This module can track all your documents by name, description, author and date.  It can categorize documents by particular topics or author, assign roles to users to determine level of access, and also utilizes a search feature, which allows you to find any document quickly and keeps your documents in an easily accessible location.

Say goodbye to the unorganized documents in your computer folders and say hello to the Auctori document library module.


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