Getting Your Money’s Worth with EcommerceThere’s a lot to contemplate when it comes to ecommerce websites and what you want to offer your customers. A variety in shopping carts, shipping options and payment options are just a few things to consider. The Auctori web CMS (Content Management System) provides a number of options with the Ecommerce Module that some business owners may overlook when preparing their site. Here are a few features we can help you with:

Configuration: Auctori can be configured based on what you want your buyers to see or accomplish at the time of purchase. This includes:

  • displaying prices
  • using 1 or more promotional codes
  • checking out as a guest
  • modification of cart products
  •  presenting taxing and shipping

Payment Options: Auctori provides a number of payment gateways that will integrate with the company bank account. These Payment Gateways can also be tested prior to the live site to ensure everything is in order. Payment options for consumers include:

  • Bill Later (invoicing)
  • Credit Cards
  • Purchase Orders

Promotions: Promotions engage consumers and lead to higher conversion rates. Auctori allows more control by offering choices for promotion types, codes and usage. It also offers diversity in:

  • Expiration dates
  • Whether or not a promotion can be used more than once
  • If it is implied for everyone that orders within a specific time range
  • Free shipping
  • Promotions that apply to certain products
  • Promotions that go in effect after a certain amount of money is spent or number of items

Reports: All of the above is critical to ecommerce and user experience. Reports might top them all by giving you the feedback you need as to the effectiveness in your ecommerce strategy. Auctori can generate reports delivering the follow information:

  • Past website searchers
  • Most viewed products
  • Reviews, which the administrator can approve for publishing
  • Used promotions
  • Abandoned carts
  • Submitted orders

There are many content management systems available, however not all offer easy to configure options such as Auctori. With these as well as many other characteristics that can be added to your website, you are sure to bring in visitors and prospects. To learn more about what we can offer through ecommerce or other Auctori modules, contact us to schedule a demo.

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