By Pat Niday

Today, the world is smaller than ever. The Internet has provided businesses of all sizes the opportunity to operate on a global level. However, with an ever expanding market comes ever expanding competition. To stand out and be relevant on the global playing field, it’s essential to have a web presence that is truly international.

A robust Web Content Management System provides tools to give your website global impact. Here’s 3 ways the right CMS can make all the difference in the world:

1. Multilingual Functionality

As Susanne Evens of AAA Translation (an Auctori partner) says, “Don’t let translation be an afterthought.”  To reach a diverse global audience and maximize market share, it’s imperative that a website is presented in the end user’s native language. A CMS that is built on an i18n Frame with Unicode elements facilitates smooth translation into multiple languages.

2.Workflow Coordination

Generating dynamic content for users around the world can be difficult. Coordinating multiple translations of marketing materials and regionalized content can soon become overwhelming. A CMS with integrated workflow tools will ensure content is organized and approved in the appropriate manner.

3.Get Local- Customize the Experience

Sometimes the best way to reach big is to think small. Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson advises, “The real trick is organizing globally but being locally relevant.”  A CMS that incorporates multiple sites, customizable feeds, and flexible navigation is instrumental in delivering a “local” experience to many different users around the world.

These are just a few tips for going global and how a capable Content Management System can make it happen. For further insight on taking your business global, please attend our Free Seminar at the World Trade Center in St. Louis.

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