By: Elizabeth Liebel

Globalizing company websites requires meticulous research and flawless execution as targeting countries across the globe demands a customized approach for each.

  • Customize Everything.

In order to effectively reach target markets, each country being marketed to must have its own custom website. From color, graphics, content, and keywords, all must be tailored to appeal to each target market.  Selling techniques also vary across the globe; tactics that work in the U.S. may not reverberate the same way in another country.  Research is imperative when determining techniques to use.

  • Country-Specific Domain Names

Companies marketing globally should have a separate domain name and website for each country they intend to target.  For example: Someone  in Canada is searching online for “Enterprise Content Management Systems.” will rank higher in search results than

  • Translating Technical Content

Technical translation means translating the information from your company’s website into the target language, by native speakers in your company’s country.
Example: If you are a company in the United States and you want your website translated into German, be sure than the translator is someone from the U.S. who speaks German to ensure your message is delivered correctly.  Neglecting to do this may result in a mistranslation.

  • Translating Marketing Materials

Marketing materials generally grab a reader’s attention when they speak to the soul of the reader.  By doing this, the company lures in a potential client then turns them into paying customers. Technical translation does not always convey the same “emotional” marketing message as was in the original language, and this is where, many times, the message gets lost in translation.

To do this, companies must take the content from the “technical translation”, and have it re-written by a marketing copywriter to make it less technical and more relatable.

For more information on creating a multilingual website, click here.

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