Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board & Sr Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP

Christian Arno, Managing Director, Lingo24
Motoko Hunt, Founder & Japanese Search Marketing Strategist, AJPR LLC
Tim Coughlin, Vice President,
Michael Bonfils, International Managing Director, SEM International


  • Competition for search terms in languages other than English is about 1/3 of English search competition.
  • The low rate of competition makes gaining prominence in the particular market easier.
  • Only 27% of Internet users use English as their first language.
  • Keyword research in other languages in critical.
  • If your company is unsure where to launch a global campaign, test in various markets using translated landing pages.  After you’ve determined which landing pages have received the most traffic, pursue business in those countries.


  • Ensure translators and localizers understand search fundamentals.
  • Tools to use to aid in globalizing search:
    • Google Global Market Finder
    • Mis-opportunity Matrix
      • Demonstrate a business opportunity for each.


  • Localization content types:
    • Product descriptions
    • Navigation
    • Field names
    • User generated content
    • 3rd party content
    • Didactic and instructional content
  • 8 different language treatments exist all using multiple processes to ensure correct translations.


  • Analytics do not tell the whole story.
  • Create a target marketing score card.

1.Choose your potential markets.

2.Determine the factors on which you’ll rate your potential target market (example):

  • Analytics Data
    • Conversions, sales leads, bounce rates
  • Keyword Research Data
  • Local and international competition
  • SEO
    • Take in to account search challenges such as:
      • Different search engines
      • Baidu and Google do not index the same.
      • Naming challenges (brand name)
      • Hosting infrastructure
      • To maximize global search results, host the site at a data center in that country.
      • Duplicate content
      • You don’t want your US pages to outrank your UK pages; de-duplicate your content.
    • E-commerce
      • Payment methods
      • When you’ve completed your score card, you will notice that countries that have ranked high on your analytics search results will different greatly from locations you need to target.
      • .EU is the wrong approach to enter the European market.  You must localize.


    To learn more on global business practices, attend Auctori’s free Global Business Seminar on August 31st at the World Trade Center in St. Louis.


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