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Website development, whether outsourced with an individual or developed with a website CMS (Content Management System), needs administrators to make updates. Security is a necessity especially when numerous people hold administrative roles, and it’s also getting harder to maintain these days. Web technologies aren’t the only thing evolving, so taking the steps to secure information is just as important as developing the next best website.

User security permissions generate one way to control user access and user capabilities, while adding to website security. Website owners often assign more than one person to control website changes, content or designs, especially larger corporations. User security permissions eliminate the idea of one password and login, and create the opportunity for multiple logins, one for each administrator. They also allow head administrators to control the tasks other admins can complete. For example one admin may need access to edit web page information, but another admin may need access to that and the ability to publish. This can also minimize chances of hacking because if a hacker attains the login information, they may not be able to manipulate the website without a password and login granting access to the whole system.

Password security plays a role with administrators as well. The ability to change your password regularly is important when keeping a site protected. It’s recommended to change your password often in case a hacker acquired it. Of course if your website was attacked by a hacker, there’s nothing you can do to fix it with a password change, but creating a new one will prevent them from continuing their damage. The best password combines letters, symbols and numbers making it harder to crack.

Backup security in an important part of managing sensitive data as a website administrator.  Backup tools include the computer and external hard drives, servers and any clouds you may use to store information online. It’s best to utilize more than one of these options in case one may fail. The more the better and if you feel it necessary, encryption is an additional way to provide a secure environment in your backup systems of choice.

If you built your website in a web CMS, many providers should offer security already built in to the website development tool. This is important to look at before purchasing since it will optimize your performance. Auctori is a web CMS that is SEO-friendly, scalable and secure. Auctori offers the Users and Security Module with opportunities to implement user security permissions, passwords changes and assign governing roles. Contact Auctori for a free demonstration.

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