Legal content management systems (CMS) are not just well designed Web sites. Instead of having to contact the web design company for site updates, a legal CMS, (i.e.: AuctoriLaw) provides law firms the autonomy to manage their law firm marketing in-house. Not just limited to executing site modifications, a legal CMS affords attorney offices the capacity to administer internal press release marketing campaigns. The proceeding tips demonstrate how to use a legal content management system to develop a press release marketing campaign.

Schedule it. Using the AuctoriLaw legal content management system with search engine optimization, plan an editorial schedule for publishing new press releases. A bi-weekly timetable is a realistic benchmark.

Press releases, which drive traffic, attracting search engine hits and converting unique visitors, are cost effective marketing tools.

Strategize it. Choose keywords wisely. Create a roster of keyword phrases, which best reflect your law firm’s legal services, specialties and brand Crafting an optimized press release begins with conducting keyword research using Google’s analytic’s tool. Next, input the keywords phrases into Google’s keyword tool.

Based on the keyword’s competitiveness and Google’s recommendations, choose one to three keyword phrases to develop the press release marketing campaign. Architect the law firm press release with two primary objectives: 1) to capture search engine traffic 2) to edify or convert the target market.

Keywords star as the press release’s title.

Integrating the keywords gleaned from the keyword research, create a title. For instance, the press release title below incorporates the keywords: law firm in New York, and Paxil lawsuit.

Law Firm in New York Litigates Paxil Lawsuit

Write and publish it. Include the main keywords at least a handful of mentions in the press release. Since the aforementioned keywords are popular but not overly competitive, the press release should generate substantial targeted traffic.

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