By: Elizabeth Liebel

Helping developers to deliver native application experiences on a variety of devices

The birth of HTML5 is giving developers the opportunity to create applications compatible with compliant mobile devices and PC’s, while eliminating the need to recreate the application for each type of mobile device.

HTML5 allows developers to use the same code for web apps for desktops as they can while creating an app for the iPad or other tablets.

In the past, developers needed to not only create applications for multiple operating systems, they needed to determine which mobile platforms to support and develop applications for. This means developers had to create a variation of the application for each device type or to choose which device they created an application for – omitting the other.

The advent of cross-platform development tools allows developers to reach a broader audience of users.  This new development framework allows for the creation of “Write Once, Run Anywhere” applications.

In an interview for Read Write Web’s article HTML5 is Great for Mobile, Developers Say, Developer Kevin Systrom states that “The fact that apps can be directly installed by URL rather than by waiting for an App Store download means that developers reduce barriers to virality.”

As developers begin to utilize HTML5 more frequently, it can help decrease the cost and time of developing devices – thus increasing productivity for clients.

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