Recently, Law Firm CMS interviewed our own Steve Thomas, president of  Steve answered several questions regarding content management systems and search engine optimization. Below are a few bytes from the interview.

Are content management systems (CMS) conducive for law firms?
As you know, content management systems (CMSs) are completely scalable. CMSs represent control, autonomy and an ability to modify a law firm’s website, whenever and without having to notify their IT department or their web design company about the system amendments.

If our law firm decides to use a content management system, does that mean compromising search engine optimization qualities?

It depends on how your website is indexed or perceived by search engines. Your sub-pages should have search engine friendly features. Starting with for example, your page URL.

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Can you provide an example of this?
Let’s say that your firm has a website titled “” and it specializes in criminal law.  On your site you will probably have a sub-category named: “Criminal Lawyers in St. Louis.” That URL will look something like this:

Very formulaic.  The problem is that the URL does not convey any specific information about the contents of the page in a search friendly manner. Aside from the name of the law firm, Google’s spiders or bots don’t know how to index or categorize the page because of the formulaic URL.  What you want is:

After launching an optimized law firm website in a content management system, is difficult to keep it search engine friendly over time?

No, in fact our firm specializes in doing monthly SEO research on the latest search terms and industry trends for clients so that they can keep their sites search engine friendly.  Then, because the site is built in a CMS, it makes it very easy for the law firm to execute the updates themselves allowing them to save money while keeping their website optimized for search.

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