The proceeding analysis reviews one law firm web case studies need for a legal content management system:


Familiar with the lengthy process involved in the development of a new Web site, the St. Louis based law firm, Paul Passanante, PC & Associates required several conditions to meet their redesign specifications:

    • Expedient website design turnaround without compromising the aesthetic features.
    • Given the limitations of the web development schedule, the design had to be scalable to evolve with the company’s weekly scheduled updates, modifications and content adjustments.
    • A media feed, where news, media and other law firm marketing pages would allow for easy input


Upon evaluating the Paul Ja Passanante PC and Associates Web site, The Net Impact conducted several analytics to determine how to architect a site, which would evolve with the law firm’s expansion; while, enabling members of the practice to autonomously add new pages; and, simultaneously nurturing law firm marketing requirements in regard to publishing news and upcoming events.

Although, The Net Impact’s proprietary software Auctori:law™ appeared to be a concise solution, several site analytics, navigational and search engine optimization metrics demonstrated how a legal content management system with built in SEO  would accommodate the law firms’ growth, law firm marketing requirements and need for an expedient, systemized workflow.


For an easy to develop and manage, aesthetic in design, The Net Impact tailor-fit a legal content management system for Passanante & Associates Web site with the following features:

  • User-friendly Website design
  • Fully functional articles/ content management systems
  • A module to add content within a workflow approval process
  • Form generation

All objectives were met in the scheduled time frame and exceeding the law firm’s objectives.  Review additional law firm web case studies and legal web design solutions.

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