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We’re in need of some expert advice. We have been reading about the advantages of using a content management system to showcase our law practice’s site; however, we could use some professional advice on hiring a Web site company to design our law firm’s site?

Bill – St. Charles, MO
As you’ve probably noticed, there are tens of thousands of web design companies on the Internet touting their services. And, just as your firm has exacting expertise in a certain area of law, there are companies which specialize in certain types of design. Use the following tips to select a web designer for your law firm’s site.

To expedite the quest for a company to design your Web site, research web design companies that have a specialty in the development of attorneys at law.

Review their portfolio. For obvious reasons, it simplifies the development process if you outsource your site to an agency with corresponding experience. Make sure that their portfolio reflects their expertise. For example, if you click on the following link, this St Louis web site company has a portfolio of law firm sites.

Opt for a company that will enable you to modify changes in-house. Since you don’t want to always have to depend on the web designer to update information consider a company, who can customize a content management system with your discerning requirements.

Also, select a web design company that also provides search engine optimization. It will ensure that your site is appropriately configured to attract the most target specific traffic.

Hope the aforementioned advice helps. Please feel free to contact us for additional assistance at 888.629.4672.

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