Breadcrumbs provide many benefits to websites, especially when it comes to navigation. Like Hansel & Gretel, breadcrumbs on a website provide a clear path home. These navigation elements clearly link parent and child pages, giving users the ability to browse a site in an organized, simplified structure.

There are two types of breadcrumbs. User Generated Breadcrumbs follow the user’s path and illustrate where they have been in the site. Sitemap Breadcrumbs illustrate where the visitor is in relation to the architecture of the website. They may not have visited each of the pages associated with the breadcrumb links as they would have in User Generated Breadcrumbs.

Van Gogh Gallery Breadcrumbs

Implementing breadcrumbs doesn’t mean you should get rid of other site navigations. Breadcrumbs act as an additional way to better serve your web traffic and guide customers through websites. One site that uses breadcrumbs is the Van Gogh Gallery. This image shows the breadcrumb path of a visitor who started on the Van Gogh Gallery Home page and ended on the Landscapes page.

Here are a few reasons to add breadcrumbs to a website:

1)      Breadcrumbs can provide visitors with a trail of links, reminding them what sections they have viewed and how they got there. Many times people forget this so having a reminder is helpful along with the links to return to previous pages.

2)      Breadcrumbs can influence visitors to view additional pages. When you get website visitors, you want to keep them on your website. Having breadcrumbs can allow them to click, leading them to other areas of a website.

3)      Breadcrumbs require little coding and can easily be added to a website. With as much as they get used by visitors, it’s worth the work!

Visitors recognize breadcrumbs now that they get used more often. Adding them will provide guests what they think should be available.

A web CMS (Content Management System) makes building websites easy, especially navigation. Some systems even generate the breadcrumbs for you, like Auctori. By simply checking a box in the Meta data, pages will generate the breadcrumbs and this saves time in the implementation process. Contact Auctori to learn more.

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