Establishing a legal blog has a variety of search engine optimization benefits.  A well written blog post is most likely to get picked up by the search engines and other bloggers – creating a snowball effect. When these sites link back to your blog, they provide you with high quality, relevant and contextual links back.

In addition, your legal blog is a very important component of your law firm’s Internet marketing strategy, due to the fact that it is one of the most effective places for you to demonstrate value to your clients online.

When it comes to law firm marketing the value of blogging is unlimited, as it creates a clear, credible and constant voice for your law firm. Blogging also allows your lawyers to showcase their strengths and attributes, which can separate your firm from the pack. Through active blogging, prospective clients will develop a sense of security with your legal team as they read your blogs about similar cases, verdicts and opinions, reassuring them of your legal expertise and knowledge.

In conclusion, with high quality content and SEO integration, you will achieve better search engine rankings for your site, which leads to an increase in the amount of unique visitors, resulting in new clients.

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