In its May 2010 issue of the ABA Journal, writer Rachel M. Zahorsky tackles the topic of bad legal blog marketing. Zahorsky explains the controversy over the blogs, which some have criticized as little more than duplicates of local accident reports designed to dump search engine optimized content onto the Internet without adding to the legal discourse. The blogs have also been criticized because nonlawyers have been hired as blog writers, resulting in mix-ups of criminal and civil terms.

1. Do you know enough on the legal topic to write a blog post?

If your law firm has hired a professional writer, do they have enough background legal knowledge and do they put in adequate time to research the topics in which they are writing? If not, you may have a problem, which will only result in your firm losing credibility.

2. Can people outside of the legal bubble understand the post?

Non-lawyers are genuinely interested in the law and topics lawyers may be writing about.  They are also potential clients. Have you written your post in a way that is easily understtof by a variety of audiences?

3. Is your post keyword optimized for search engines?

No matter how great it is, content must be found before it can be of use. If your website is still new and small, achieving a good ranking through the use of the most popular keywords may not be the best strategy.

4. How does your blog entry fit into your law firm’s marketing and public relations goals?

How do you see your law firm’s website or blog fitting into your firm’s internet marketing and PR plan? Do you have concrete and specific goals for these tools? Are you measuring the performance through programs such as Google Analytics?

In conclusion, one of the best ways to put a face and voice on your legal expertise is to blog. When done correctly, building a credible discussion resource on legal topics can boost credibility, attract new clients, maintain current clients and build your reputation as a leader in the industry.

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