Your brand isn’t sexy.  You’re not Old Spice, you’re not Victoria’s Secret – you literally have no hope to run an ad with sex appeal. So how do you capture attention?

What matters most is becoming valuable; valuable brands are “sticky.”  Sticky brands are those that people refer to online for resources because you, the valuable – “sticky” – brand, provide relevant information.

You must first set out to market your [unsexy] brand with a goal in mind. 

  • Do you want to change the public’s perception of the product/service?
  • What is their problem?
    • How can your product solve it?
  • What is their need?
    • How can your product fulfill it?
  • How does your product untangle complexity?

Once your goal is determined, be sure to follow these rules:

  1. Don’t sell anything. Stop tweeting, posting, shouting, publishing constant sales messages. Have a conversation.
  2. Be compassionate. Attitude and sincerity show through messages – even online.  Stay authentic.
  3. Become a resource.  Write and post valuable information.  Make people want to come to your site first.
  4. Focus on intangible benefits.  Example: Your content management system can help save time which will allow business owners to spend more time with their families.

    Take, for example, Dove’s campaign to boost self-esteem in young women.  Dove wasn’t focusing on selling deodorant – deodorant isn’t sexy.  They weren’t focused on shampoo or lotion, what they were focused on were the intangible benefits that come with recognizing real beauty – confidence and self-esteem.  Through their videos and online resources they were able to reach a wider audience – not just the buyers looking for new lotion and deodorant- but the young women in search of resources and tools to help them through adolescence.
  5. Build your brand, build buzz, stop branding for keywords. People will come to your site because of your original, relevant content.

Stop worrying about being trendy – if you’ve got a good product or service, then the people will come.  Build your marketing plan around your target market and what will complement your product the most.

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