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Our law firm believes in giving back to our community. An administrator, new to our team, recommends that we post legal advice on our online real estate law bulletin and submit tweets on Twitter. As novices to search engine marketing, is this plausible? If so, can you explain how this works?

Socially Clueless in Omaha


Dear SCIO,

Your new admin is absolutely correct. Before we explain the process, it’s important to understand how search engine optimization works in confluence with social media networking.

Review the following real life example of how Social media networking and content management systems work The topic was covered previously, titled:

Building your Law Firm’s Web Site in a CMS

As for using the content management system law bulletin (blog) to work in conjunction with your search engine optimization strategy, it depends on the type of CMS application your firm uses.

Certain content management systems necessitate painstaking ongoing HTML expertise, as is the case with Godaddy’s Quick Blog. Although, it’s comprised of the tools for the author to inject the HTML coding, the content system does not automate the process.

On the contrary, the content management system, Auctori™ is designed for search engine optimization. This means that SEO is foolproof. With SEO built-in to the structure of the content management system, each post can be configured to tweet your new updates.

Here’s a blueprint of how this works:

Each time your law firm adds new media to the blog, several things transpire:

1)   On your Web site and Twitter or Facebook page, content is indexed based on the keywords of your content.

2)  Next, the article is fed to major search engines and submitted to RSS feeds.

3)   With regular site updates including your keywords reflective of your law firms core competencies, a Web site gains an organically optimized site, or a CMS system with built in SEO (SM)

4)   Regular site updates via Twitter and your law firm’s blog innately improve lead generation, as in more finger traffic.

Thanks for your questions.

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