Marketing strategies for immigration law firms should always include multilingual components. It is imperative that immigration lawyers allow their websites to be viewed in several languages in order to accommodate prospects. Limiting a website to be viewed in only one language puts law firms at risk of losing a large quantity of potential clients.

Websites should have the ability to be translated into virtually any language which will allow users to communicate to a global audience in their native language allowing the law firm’s message to reach diverse prospects. Websites with an i18n Frame allows settings on user profiles to be changed so that the interface is instantly translated into the administrator’s native language.

Translating website content to effectively target a specific market takes time. Simply throwing the content into an auto-translate tool online is ineffective. Translating the information from your company’s website into the target language must be done by native speakers in your law firms’ country.

Google’s Webmaster Tools Blog states: “Automated translations don’t always make sense and they could potentially be viewed as spam. More importantly, the point of making a multilingual website is to reach a larger audience by providing valuable content in several languages. If your users can’t understand an automated translation or if it feels artificial to them, you should ask yourself whether you really want to present this kind of content to them.”

If law firms in the United States want the content of their website translated into Spanish, they must be sure that the translator is someone from the U.S. who speaks Spanish to ensure your message is delivered correctly. Neglecting to do this may result in a mistranslation. Law firms must have the ability to ensure content is translated with the intention of capturing a target audience.

Successfully launching a multilingual website and marketing campaign for your law firm will increase opportunities to secure clients in a niche market.

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