Event Recap

Last night’s Non-profit Marketing Seminar drew an eclectic crowd of marketers, non-profit professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Kristin Williams began the evening discussing her decision to re-brand the St. Charles City-County Library Foundation when she became Executive Director.

5 Re-Branding Tips from Kristin Williams:

  1. Find Your Purpose
  2. Keep Your Mission Statement Simple and Focused
  3. Tell Your Story! (events, marketing material, social media)
  4. Be Consistent and Seek Supporters Already Excited About Your Cause
  5. Branding is Always a Work in Progress

Diane Wolferding form the Community Council of St. Charles County followed Kristin’s presentation with a story of their most successful fundraiser yet, The Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project.  Diane shared tactics on what makes a successful fundraiser:

  1. Look at Your Strengths, Find Way to Create Hand in Hand Partnerships
  2. The Best Way to Gain Partnerships: Exceed Expectations
  3. If You Don’t Need Support or Engagement, You Don’t Need Social Media
  4. Successes Result from Innovation and Creativity
  5. Creating Buzz & Awareness = More Partners

Thanks again to all those who attended and our presenters! For a full recap visit the event page.  Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

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