online formsWebsites bring together consumers and businesses through the World Wide Web using content, design and online forms. Online forms allow companies to connect to consumers and understand their needs, while gathering data for strategy and attracting leads (that was an accidental rhyme). As an important tool, forms should strategically collect information rather than seek illegitimate data that will lead you to fewer conversions. Here are a few tips to consider when creating online forms that will engage your audience.

First to consider when creating online forms is what you want to ask your prospect. You can ask as many questions as you want but you’ll also want to ask yourself if you need that information. No one wants to fill out a two page questionnaire when they visit websites. After about three or four fields, people tend to quit. Keeping your forms short and sweet is the best way to turn prospects into business.

Online forms often display ‘required’ fields. This isn’t necessary, however it does guarantee you information from customers. If you make the ‘First Name’ and ‘Email’ fields required, this allows you a way to contact visitors and personalize that attempt with a name. Many visitors may find it alarming if too much information is required of them. For example if you require their first and last name along with address and phone number, users may feel threatened that you could potentially sell their information to marketers.

DESIGN. If the emphasis on this word snatched your attention, then you know what I’m about to say. Design is also an important part of your form and should grab the attention of your audience. The website the form is built in should do the same, but visitors will find more interest in a form if it’s just as visually stimulating as the content around it.

For those of us that use and need websites to represent our business but don’t have the ability or team to develop them, a web CMS (Content Management System) is the answer. Not only can you build your website using a web CMS, but you can build forms using it. With just a few simple clicks, a form is created and then added to a web page. The code is automated and understanding it to build a successful website and form isn’t necessary. Contact Auctori to learn more about a web CMS that makes forms simple and successful!

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