It happens all too often. The team members of a law firm beg for a new software to simplify workflow. Excited about the prospects of easing the workload, somewhere along the way, the ultimate purpose of the content management system is mislaid. Use the following tips to alleviate the hassles of buyer’s remorse and an inappropriate content management system.

To avoid being side tracked with superfluous features, prioritize the most important tasks that your administrators and partners need to streamline the workflow. Since, a few compromises and trade-offs may be necessary, be sure to rank features according to relevancy.

Be selective.

Just as a legal client would not hire a patent attorney for a criminal defense case, why would you hire a company that produces generic content management systems? Thousands of Web site companies design content management systems. However, not all specialize in the development of law firm CMSs. Choose a company with an extensive portfolio of content management systems designed for law practices. For instance, Auctori:law has both a portfolio and law firm case studies, validating their expertise.

Regardless of how easy the content management system developer says the software is — require an in-house or off-site training course. It will save a lot of time and frustration.

Take the content management system for a test drive. Make sure that all the partners and team members of your firm are comfortable with the functionality and the efficiency at which tasks are expedited.

Use the above tips to qualify a web design company with a proven track record for designing content management systems for law firms.

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