By: Elizabeth Liebel

Maintaining high visibility is crucial when engaging prospective clients. Posting and sharing legal presentations on the web positions you and your law firm as thought leaders in the legal industry, while increasing opportunities for search engine optimization.

Below are a few key professional document sharing platforms:

DocStoc, a document hosting service, contains over 23 million professional documents in a variety of categories including: legal, business, financial, technology, education and creative. This award winning community allows users and businesses to upload and share their documents with professionals across the globe for free.
Recently, DocStoc launched “DocStore,” a members-only feature that allows professionals to sell documents via DocStoc’s embedded document viewer. The DocStore Marketplace will allow professionals to monetize documents created for their business, such as agreements, wills and trusts, contracts, etc.

Scribd is a document sharing service that allows users to read, print, download and send documents to their mobile devices. The Business/Law Category on Scribd includes legal documents, presentations and articles written by lawyers. The Scribd Store’s Business/Law section contains over 100 pages of professional documents.

SlideShare is widely known as a PowerPoint presentation hosting center, though it is also a document and video sharing center for professionals. SlideShare boasts an event calendar for professionals that can be accessed anywhere in the world and does not require a paid account to add a professional event.

Web CMS Document Manager
A Web CMS Document Manager allows law firms to post their published works directly onto their website. Web CMS’s are built for search engine optimization and to drive traffic to a law firm’s website – the site administrator has to power to add, edit and delete articles in a centralized location which allows for easy access and sharing. The user also has the freedom to organize countless documents and determine how the articles are displayed on the page.

JD Supra
JD Supra is a document sharing website solely for lawyers and legal professionals. JD Supra allows users to create online portfolios of articles, newsletters, alerts, court filings and presentations. Along with the website, JD Supra also boasts a LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook which it streams articles to. The site also syndicates articles to third-party resources such as Newstex, Complinet and Justia.

Positioning yourself and your law firm as a thought leader through a variety of platforms not only establishes credibility, but builds a large online footprint for your law firm. For more information on optimizing all aspects of your Internet marketing campaign visit:

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