How to market a law firm with an economical and effective solution?

“Making updates to our Web site used to bite into the productivity of serving our clients. Between the web design meetings and ongoing modifications, managing our Web site was an expensive, frustrating fiasco. As for marketing our law firm, we had to make sure that our law bulletins and press releases were published in a timely matter,” reports the operations manager of a St. Louis-based law firm.

The cookie cutter Web site, stock photos and the animated gavel don’t warrant much of a return on the legal marketing budget. These days, the thriving law firm markets their practice with shrewdness. Content management systems (CMS) multitask as the company Web site, the law bulletin and an internal communication’s tool.

The value of the CMS multifaceted functionality is not only economical, but a strategic medium for marketing a law firm’s services. With an exacting content management system (CMS) design, legal marketing and communications find simplicity. Here are five issues to solve with one CMS for your law firm:

•    Distinguish your law firm’s leadership in a specific area of practice (i.e. asbestos, patents, civil lawsuits, etc)
•    Enhance media exposure
•    Fortify improved search engine rankings
•    Simplify internal communications
•    Make updates and modifications hassle-free

Solve your law firm’s issues with one content management system, by clicking: law firm CMS.

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