Are all visitors the right visitors?

Analytics distortion: It’s a common problem for many businesses.  Upon checking your website’s analytics you are astounded; site visits have rapidly increased, click through rates have increased – if so many people are visiting your site, where’s all the business?  Why aren’t the phones ringing?

Chances are your website is attracting the wrong type of visitor.  Volume is not always the best measurement of success; website success should be based solely on quality rather than quantity.  In most cases, you can attribute attracting the wrong visitor to outdated SEO.

Search Engine Optimization
Your website’s keywords play a vital role in attracting the correct visitor.  Your current keywords may be misleading a visitor causing them to search through your website looking for the information they think it contains; not only have you lost potential clients who are unable to find your information through search engines, you’ve disgruntled the actual site visitors who are unable to locate information you claim your website contains.

Ongoing keyword research is imperative when maintaining a website you intend you use as a sales and marketing tool.  Search results change as the keywords people use to search for a product change.  For example, for a few months a majority of searchers may be using the word “saint” instead of “st.”, “inches” instead of “in.”, etc.  It is crucial to ensure the keywords on your website are current with the keywords that searchers are using.  Ongoing keyword maintenance and site tweaking will produce results of higher quality to those searching for the service you provide, thus creating a higher quality site visitor.

Along with popular keyword research, companies must also research keyword phrases that are commonly used.  Google indexes websites using a technique call Latent Semantic Indexing; LSI examines a document (or web page) as a whole, similar to the way a human scans a page -in doing so, the content is indexed for relevancy.

This excerpt from SEO explains further the importance of LSI:
Auctori search engine optimization

Using Google AdWords for keyword research allows your company to search by keyword and phrase for the global monthly search volume of each term.  By organizing the search results from most searches to least, you are able to gauge the relevancy of the keywords/phrases you are currently using, and determine if your site’s keywords should be updated to higher ranking words or phrases.

Auctori’s search engine optimized websites help ensure you are attracting the right visitors.

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