By Elizabeth Liebel

Auctori has relationships with many video production companies which gives our clients the resources to have a professional video created for their company which can then be implemented into their Auctori website.

Professional video production ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and depending on your budget, you may not be able to outsource video production.
Mashable posted a story today announcing a new video editing website called Magisto.  Magisto takes raw video footage and turns it into presentable video suitable to embed on your website.

Magisto’s software technology is said to recognize faces and can tell the difference between human, animals, and landscapes.  I decided to try the program out for myself to see how easy it would be for our clients to use.

Sign up is simple.  If you have a Google account or a Facebook account, just input your email address and password and you’re registered!

Next, upload the video footage that you have saved to your computer.  Magisto allows you to upload up to 16 video files, add titles and soundtracks which are provided by Magisto or you can upload your own sound files.

I chose to try the software with a video clip from our Nonprofit Marketing Seminar in June 2011 with Dianne Wolferding discussing the Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project.  I attempted to upload several clips but the file sizes can be no larger than 600MBS.  Once I had found a clip that was around 500 MBS, I uploaded my video.

video production







Once you have chosen which clip(s) you would like to upload, you can choose a title for your video.  Tip: remember to keep it search engine friendly!

video editing




You can then add the music that will play with your video.  Magisto provides music from a variety of genres or allows you to add your own music file.

video editing software






If you do choose to use Magisto’s music, you’ve got nearly 15 songs in each genre to select from:

video editing for cms






You will then receive an email when your video is complete – my 500MB video took around 10 minutes to complete.  Take a look at the finished product (keep in mind, this footage was unedited):

Still in its infancy, Magisto has a lot to improve upon.  What are your thoughts on this free video production service?



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