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As the Auctori partner network grows, we continually look for companies who want to grow with us.  Auctori recently revamped the Auctori Partner Program to provide several partnership options.  As always, the Auctori Partner Program remains a formalized, structured program designed to encourage long-term and mutually beneficial relationships among Auctori users, developers and vendors.  But the partnership classifications have changed.

Auctori CMS Partner Logo

Today, Auctori offers a variety of different partnership options based on partner relationships, areas of specialization and desired level of involvement.  The various Auctori Partnership options include; the Auctori Network Partnership, Auctori Design Partnership and the newest category, the Auctori Development Partnership, which is currently in development itself.

Although Auctori does not currently offer the Auctori Development Partnership, Auctori is pleased to welcome three new design partners, The Net Impact, Kaffcorp Media and Little Chicken Design and Communications.  These design partners will contribute to the growth of Auctori by offering Auctori Web CMS as an option to their clients and partners.  Likewise, Auctori will provide the following benefits to their design partners:

  • Exclusive Access, 24/7 Call Center Support
  • Revenue Share
  • Advance Access to New Auctori Versions
  • Access to additional partner services at a discounted rate (TNI and Unidev)
  • Sales Assistance, Training and Support
  • Prelaunch website validation testing
  • Listing in Auctori’s online Partner Directory
  • Official Auctori Partner Program Logo
  • Quarterly Partner Updates (e-mail Publication)
  • Increased exposure and co-marketing opportunities
  • Additional Web Design Training in Auctori CMS

If you’re interested in becoming and Auctori Design partner, we’d love to get to know you and your company better.  Auctori is currently accepting applications for Auctori Design partnerships.  For more questions about our Auctori Partner Program, please visit

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