color wheelThe design and layout of a website is the first thing a visitor sees and it can immediately generate a positive or negative reaction. If you own a website, you want to engage your audience, and more importantly you want to reach out to the correct audience with the right web design.

The first step in deciding upon the most effective web design is determining your target audience. Background research on the interests of your audience is great information that will help you move forward. Is your audience more visual? Do certain fonts or images grab their interest over others? Analyzing habits can help answer these questions and provide a design strategy. Check out what your prospective clients follow on Facebook or what they retweet on Twitter.

After you determine your target audience, the next step is understanding the purpose of the website. Are you selling something? Are you providing information? This is crucial to how the layout and design of a website come together. The website of a graphic design company is much more visual than that of a law firm. A graphic design website establishes creativity through imagery where as a law firm’s goal is to provide information.

As the final stage of designing the website approaches, it’s important to keep the website clean and cohesive. Look at competitor sites and take-away different approaches on layout to decide what is best for your visitors. Balance the web pages out by utilizing white space without overwhelming your audience with too much content. A good color scheme and selection of fonts goes a long way.

Not every individual or company bears the resources available to design a website. An option for website development and design is a web CMS, or web content management system. A web content management system allows users to build and design websites with little knowledge and experience of technical code. Auctori is a scalable, secure, SEO-friendly web CMS that allows users to layout their website according to their needs. With visual consistency and tools to build out a website with articles, rotating content, biographies and more, Auctori can save time and resources while providing a website fit for an audience.

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