What does search engine optimization (SEO) really have to do with content management systems?

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We’ve been reading your posts about SEO and CMS. Although, we understand the relevance of an “optimized” Web site and the convenience that content management systems offer, we remain unclear why a content management system is important if we have a Web site that we can update on a regular basis, using SEO.

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Dear CLF:

As you already know, optimizing the keywords of your site entails two tasks: on page and off page coding. With regular updates, the headers and footers of your site can easily become lost, buried or deleted. This negatively impacts how search engines find and index your Web site, – ultimately hindering you site’s online exposure.

We’ve seen it happen all too often that the most Internet savvy end-users have invariably erased their sites on page code. With an SEO compliant, content management system, anyone at your firm can modify the meta tags, headers and other SEO coding without compromising your website’s Internet presence.

The underlying advantage of the Auctori content management system (CMS) is that we program your site to maintain ongoing optimization of your meta data and heading tags. In other words, as your firm updates new content, those new pages require effective maintenance of those specific key words as in a content management system.

With a content management system, your firm does not have to worry about someone updating information that discombobulates your law firm’s search engine visibility and accessibility.

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