The financial crisis, that shook the nation in 2009, deeply impacted law firms. Across the country, numerous law firms implemented pay reductions, reduced billable hours and cutback on pursuits in  philanthropy. Nonetheless, the wake of these setbacks instills the need for law firm brand management. The proceeding online marketing tactics are inexpensive strategies for successful law firm brand management.

Architect a stalwart law firm branding campaign. The underlying purpose of law firm brand management is to maximize new business opportunities, differentiating how one firm compares to the competition. Developing a distinctive brand requires an arsenal of online marketing channels.

From the Web site, a blog and the social media microsite, continuity and consistency are critical components of law firm branding management. Both attribute to the development of brand recognition. More importantly, these legal firm marketing tools are inexpensive methods for promoting a law firm to the local market.

Refresh attorney partner bios. Any high profile cases, speaking engagements, commentary regarding new laws, or statements to the media—account for a component of law firm brand management. A legal content management system eases updating lawyer bios. These regular medications emblemize  a law firm’s credibility validation. In other words, it demonstrates that the attorneys are leaders, who are current in their area of expertise.

a legal CMS automates these crucial processes, integrating new updates, ensuring search engine visibility,

Maintain a news blog. News blogs are merely resource centers. Comprised of legal news, press releases and other pertinent notifications, these are an extension of the brand. By making regular news blog updates, three benefits improve the bottom line:

1)    Regular updates assure search engine exposure. [Please click law firm case studies to learn more about the relationship with site updates correlates with enhanced online visibility.]

2)    Provide an informative experience for existing or prospective clients experience.

3)    Moreover, news blogs are an inexpensive, yet highly effective catalyst for bolstering the law firm brand management campaign.

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