What is it?

Content management systems (CMS) are customizable web applications, architected for the discerning requirements of the corporate brand and infrastructure specifications. Auctori™ is unlike the average content management system. Since, the CMS is built for SEO, it works to keeps sites exposed to targeted traffic. Presenting convenience, efficiency and Internet marketing all in one.


What it does?

Customized to sync branding, search engine and law firm marketing benchmarks, this CMS delivers on:

  • Online visibility
  • Web design continuity
  • Workflow productivity
  • Flawless dynamic form generation
  • Automatic, archiving and updates
  • Web design for multiple platforms PCs, Smartphones and notebooks
  • Hassle-free functionality

How it works?

As Auctori™ is a CMS built for SEO (search engine optimization), it is compatible with any site design and specifically developed for law firm marketing.

Auctori’s robust functionality, features the following benefits:

  • A built in attorney biography module simplifies updating partner and associate’s bios
  • Auctori doubles as a filing system. With automatic archiving, there are not any documents to file, track or organize.
  • Modify site navigation anytime the urge strikes — sans the downtime, Auctori alleviates the need to contact the web design company. Whether you want to test a drop down menu or change the site’s navigation, Auctori enables your firm’s autonomy.
  • Maintain Web site security —  Auctori warrants that the designated departments are authorized to access, modify and add content.
  • Auctori warrants operational efficiency. Regardless of a partners’ whereabouts, Auctori improves the response time for time sensitive information, allowing team members to access and administer confidential documents, wherever and whenever.

Designed by The Net Impact, a UniDev Company, attaining the power of Auctori is a matter of clicking CMS built for SEO

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